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Out tha Box Productions

out that box productions


Out tha Box Productions was established as an umbrella organization to assist in sponsoring the ongoing activities of Dancin’ Jazzi Dance Studio, FLAVA Dance Company, The Other Nutcracker, and The Sounds of Blackness, A Celebration of Black History.

Dancin’ Jazzi Dance Studio is the training academy offering classes including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, and the performing arts. FLAVA Dance Company is a performance, competitive dance team. The Other Nutcracker is an original annual Christmas production featuring the students of Dancin’ Jazzi Dance studio. The Sounds of Blackness, A Celebration of Black History, is an annual production featuring FLAVA Dance Company and includes members of the community.

Ninety percent (90%) of the children that we serve come from low income, single-parent households. Through the opportunities afforded them through Out th Box Productions, these children have an opportunity to experience a multitude of artistic mediums, primarily focused on dance and performance. This is accomplished through weekly dance classes, dance conventions/competitions, recitals, and a variety of community events. Without Out tha Box Productions, these students would not otherwise experience the arts at this level.

We also plan to obtain grants, do fundraisers, seek donations, etc. to be able to assist with funding our low income families in nutrition, exercise, dance training, and dance education. Our class selections will be more inclusive, starting with dance classes for children with special needs, and classes focusing on fitness for adults and tumbling and gymnastics for children. We also plan to provide summer and Spring Break camps that are affordable for the community and families that we serve. We would also like to pair with Dell Children’s Hospital and Childhood Nutritional program to work with a pediatric nutritionist to help the parents plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks. This alone would help us prevent childhood obesity and give our young people the necessary tools to make sound decisions for a healthy and nutritious life.